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GETS Stretch Ceiling Application System

Enter the required form can be heated with an unusual variety of colors, texture and even desired, even with the possibility to print a digital photo printed. PVC membrane is stretched to the technical implementation of special aluminum profiles. Straight, circular and other geometric form allows the roof as well as vaulted and dome radius applications. This flexibility enables unique in each project presents a unique design options for ceilings and walls.

a) To contribute to the acoustic insulation and insulation - Provides economy in operating expenses.

b) Does not require painting and cracking.

c) Affected by water or moisture. Waterproof.

d) Anti-dust and static property can not accommodate.

e) It is hygienic and can be cleaned.

f) Is anti-bacterial properties and does not allow fungi.

g) Offers practical and clean mounting in a short time.

h) Closing the space, furniture and installation without the need for transportation of goods –
i) also offers the possibility of installation and use again.

j) Light and secure (200 g / m2)

k) Clorine, formalin, ether, as trichloretyl affected by gas valve.

l) UV, IR beam affected.

m) Flush or surface mounted onto any type of lighting fixtures and applied optical fiber.
     Long service life.

Stretch Ceiling Features

i. Gets Lake width 1.50m

ii. Gets Transparent width 3.30 m

iii. Gets thickness 0,18mm

iv.      Up to 50m² areas without intermediate separator (self-leveling) can be covered.

v.      Thanks to the smooth surface does not require painting and maintenance.

vi.      Thickness 0.18 mm +/- 10%

vii.      Is intact. It is resistant to shock with a flexible structure.

viii.      GETS stretch ceiling heating system with extraordinary structure can enter the desired form.

ix.      Any logo can be printed on the picture or a graphic design GETS transparent fabric tension.

x.      Especially provides different design possibilities in applications above GETS transparent in outdoor lighting and lighting can create unique forms.

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